Looking for a simple FAA Physical in Jacksonville, Florida?

Amelia Urgent Care is ready and on standby to facilitate your Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 FAA Aviation medical exam.

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We specialize in Occupational Medicine catered to those in the process of obtaining their pilot in command certification. With extended hours of operation, including weekends, we make it easy to fit your physical into a busy schedule here in Fernandina Beach.

This exam is intended for:

  • Airline pilots
  • Commercial pilots
  • Private Pilots
  • Student Pilots

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What you need for your exam:

  • Medical History
  • Insurance exam coverage
  • Two forms of identification
  • Review the FAA medical exam guide online for your specific health concerns
  • FAA Medical Application by registering for an account with the FAA’s MedXPress system and obtain a copy of form 8500-8 with a confirmation number

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Amelia Urgent Care

Amelia Urgent Care has an approved Florida Senior Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), ready to medically certify our future pilots or pilots undergoing their annual physical until the age of 39. As experienced and compassionate healthcare providers we understand the value of optimal health within the workforce and every class exam.

FAA medical exam reguirements:


Class I

This class certification is necessary for commercial airline transport pilots. Class 1 pilots must undergo annual physicals until the age of 39. At the age of 40, commercial pilots require physicals every 6 months with a yearly Electrocardiogram (ECG). This physical is extensive compared to the other classes.

Class II

This medical certification is for commercial, corporate, medical, and charter pilots. Along with crop dusters, these pilots require an annual flight physical.

Class III

This aviation medical exam certification is for private and recreational pilots. These pilots only need an FAA physical exam every five years until the age of 39. After the age of 40, Class 3 pilots will require a physical every two years.

What to expect for either Class FAA Physical

  • A full vision and hearing screening
  • Blood pressure and vital sign monitoring
  • Urine test
  • A full physical exam
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