To help ensure the success of your company, few things are more important than maintaining a healthy workforce. Amelia Urgent Care works closely with your business to craft a physical examination strategy that’s appropriate for your needs. We offer a range of physicals, such as:

  • Pre-Employment Exam – Amelia can help you identify any possible risk factors among potential employees and help you determine if a prospective employee is up to the physical requirements of a particular position. In the end, you’ll notice fewer injuries and reduced false injury claims.
  • OGUK Physical (Offshore Medical Examination) – Offshore workers are required to pass an Offshore Medical Examination. Amelia provides OGUK physicals from Marine and Coastguard Agency (MCA) approved doctors. Learn more here.
  • FAA, DOT, Coast Guard, and Military Compliance – Many types of occupations are regulated by the federal and state government, and therefore require periodic testing to verify an employee’s ability to safely operate vehicles and other heavy machinery. These include commercial drivers and boat captains, military personnel, certain aviators, and others.
  • OSHA (hazmat) Compliance – To guarantee that you are meeting the standards set by OSHA regarding handling of hazardous materials and other safety issues, Amelia provides a range of employee examinations.
  • Civil Servant Screening – Customized examinations are available for firefighters, policemen, and other law enforcement.
  • Diagnostic Testing – Depending on the particular needs of your business or industry, Amelia offers a multitude of diagnostic tests, such as vision and hearing screenings, range of motion exams, respiratory fitness testing, pulmonary function testing, EKGs, stress tests, and more.
  • Preventive and Preoperative Wellness Exams – It is your responsibility to protect employees against illness, accidents, and injuries.

In addition to our physicals for Employers, Amelia Urgent Care offers a variety of school, camp, and sports physicals for youth. Make sure your child is in proper medical condition to participate in physically demanding activities and to safely interact in public settings with other children their age.

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